As an independent investment company and fully integrated service provider, REMAG Asset Management GmbH encompasses the entire life cycle of a property.

In the present day, real estate embodies more than 70 per cent of the entire economic capital assets in Germany – a value that our company greets with pleasure. For us and our clients, real estate represents one of the best forms of investment in terms of value stability and prospects currently available in the markets. From our perspective, the property market in Germany is the most promising target for investment in Europe.

A crisis-resilient investment, however, requires a proper inspection beforehand. REMAG conducts a comprehensive and thorough check of the value factors determining properties. In addition to the location and the concepts to make use of a property, we naturally analyse the building structure and the energy balance. However – what is the situation of its integration in the local environment? What is the condition of the adjacent properties? Where are the kindergartens and schools, the possibilities for green areas and shopping? What are the transport connections like? Also included in a proper analysis is the consideration of tax aspects.

Our team of experts conducts inspections and analyses, thus ensuring security for the capital invested, both as a service provider and investor.

Furthermore, alongside a long-term investment, properties are more to us than just an investment. We not only take a keen interest in “cash flow” but also in aesthetics, architecture and art.